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Discover the Future of Accounting and Payment Software with LedgerX!

Reeling under stressful book balancing routines?
Rely on LedgerX and Relax!
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Discover the Future of Accounting and Payment Software with LedgerX!

Reeling under stressful book balancing routines?
Rely on LedgerX and Relax!

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Explore Our Amazing Benefits

Welcome to AI-Driven Simplicity

We're not stopping at traditional features. We're integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance your experience and make financial management a breeze. Our AI-driven tools will provide valuable insights, simplify data entry, and automate repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—growing your business.

GST, Income Tax, and More, All in One Place

Managing taxes can be complex, but with LedgerX, it's a breeze. Our software is equipped to handle GST and income tax calculations, ensuring your compliance needs are met effortlessly. No more juggling between platforms or dealing with the intricacies of tax management.

Embrace the Power of Connectivity

We understand the importance of seamless operations. That's why we're proud to introduce features that allow you to connect with different banks effortlessly. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to automatic bank reconciliation, saving you time and reducing errors.

Coherent modules with flexible User Interface

Uses global accounting standards
Astute in timely alerts
Ever-ready to be audited

Take meaningful decisions quickly with accurate information

Precise data analytics
Crystal clear data presentation
360 degree birds-eye view

Factors of LedgerX

WhatsApp Integration
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Business Intelligence, Unleashed!
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Engrossing Dashboard
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Advanced payment collection methods through link sharing
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Seamless E-Invoice/ E-Way Bill generation
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Genuine Intelligence not Artificial!
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API based data interchange with various software platforms
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Power Pack modules of LedgerX

View Ledgers

Flip through ledgers to get current update of each account.

GST Reports

File all statutory submissions like GSTR-1, GSTR-2, GSTR-3B and GSTR-9.

Profit & Loss

Brings clarity on Profit & Loss accounts to take crucial business decisions.

Balance Sheet

Keep a tab on your bottom line with up-to-date balance sheet.

Opt features you must need;
LedgerX supports your budget too!

At LedgerX, we're dedicated to providing exceptional value to our users. While our feature-rich accounting and payment software remains free for all subscribers, we believe in constant improvement. As we continue to enhance our software with cutting-edge technology like AI integration, seamless bank connections, and tax compliance features, we ensure your financial management is effortless. Our commitment to fairness is unwavering, and when the time comes for a minimal charge—capped at Rs. 2500/year for those with sales exceeding 2 crore—you'll experience the same comprehensive features that bridge the gap between paid and non-paid subscribers. Your success is our priority, and we're here to empower you every step of the way.

Join the Future Today

Are you ready to revolutionize your business financials? Sign up now and experience the evolving landscape of accounting and payment software. LedgerX is your partner in embracing technology for growth and efficiency.

Feel free to reach out to us at LedgerX for any queries or assistance. Our dedicated team is here to guide you through the seamless transition to a more tech-driven financial future.

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